June 11, 2020

What exactly is minky? Minky is a fabric that is 100% polyester that is incredibly soft and plush. It can be compared to fleece but it is softer and thicker. It won’t fade or bleed into other fabrics and can be washed in your regular washing machine. Just don’t add any bleach or fabric softener! I know that may seem a little backwards, but it will actually meld the fibers together instead of breaking them apart. Also to dry your minky, it is best to hang dry. If your looking for a little faster dry time, you can put it in the dryer on tumble dry low. Just be sure to not use heat and NEVER try to iron it. Because it is Polyester, the fibers will melt together and it will lose that soft plush feeling at toinen hyvä resurssi.

Minky is very durable, and even if it gets cut or torn, it won’t unravel like other fabrics. It does have quite a bit of stretch one direction, but when sewn in our blankets and other products, it stays true to size. Most stains wash out and if it is feeling extra frumpy, you can throw it in the dryer for a quick fluff-up.

Working with Minky has always been a little challenging. There are different grades and you can find some Minky that is much softer then others. Here at Sometimes I Sew, we only use the highest quality of minky and work hard with our suppliers if there are any stains, holes, or defects in the product to return it and receive a superior fabric. We love to sew our blankets, and the challenge of the Minky makes it that much more rewarding when we finish a beautiful design.

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